Virtual clinic powered by Artificial Intelligence for the new era of Mental Health.

The invisible pandemic

Understanding how mental health issues affect our society

1 in 4 people suffer from mental health problems
Half of the patients are misdiagnosed
Affected people not receiving treatment
Professionals reporting a lack of digital tools
Areas of action

Hospitals and clinics

Tailor-made solutions using a versatile core of Artificial Intelligence to enable agile integrations of specific modules.

Clinicians/Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Face-to-face, hybrid or online care, powered by AI digital technologies to increase efficiency and strengthen the therapeutic process through questionnaires, resources and customizable activities.

Education - "Guardians in Mental Health" Programme

Emotional literacy and use of smart tools in schools and universities to detect vulnerable profiles and protect them through monitoring and intervention by the team of the educational entity or by specialists in Aimentia.


Personalized programmes to promote and protect the corporate well-being through training workshops, detection and prevention of risk profiles, improving the satisfaction and performance of the company's human team.

Aimentia Health
Virtual clinic and digital therapeutics

Resources, dynamic questionnaires and AI-powered digital assessments to improve accuracy of diagnosis, efficiency of intervention and therapeutic follow-up as well as promoting a transdiagnostic and preventive practice.

Aimentia Discover
Screening, alerts and clinical referral platform

Comprehensive, high-precision, small and large-scale, customizable assessments using screening tool with high sensitivity and clinical specificity for the recognition of alerts in vulnerable or at risk profiles.

Social commitment

Commitment is an act, not a word
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