Promoting mental health towards a digital future

Aimentia creates disruptive Artificial Intelligence solutions for professionals to improve their capacity and efficiency empowering their work and vocation towards the forefront of the mental health.

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Aimentia Virtual Deck

A fusion of telemedicine and smart tools to create a customizable digital environment with real-time patient information, traditional resources and much more.

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Artificial Intelligence

Reinforce your practice with objective data from your patients and other anonymous users from around the world. Improve your diagnostic accuracy and your patient's satisfaction with the chosen therapy.

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Data hub

A multidisciplinary data repository that goes beyond therapy, available to professionals and validated researchers for pharmacological adherence controls and custom reports.

Aimentia Health
Real-time solutions for the well-being of mental health professionals and patients
Cloud-based clinic

Receive real-time time information, alerts and control triggers to prevent a deterioration of your patients. Your office, anywhere, at any moment.

Data-driven tools

Create a personalized therapy to increase satisfaction, reduce abandonment, detect and overcome relapses. Guide your therapy with Aimentia Health.

Data analytics

The comprehensive data set Aimentia Health collects allows to provide diagnostic guidance and objectiveness in current therapeutical practices. A digitalization of mental health practices to achieve modern and contrasted therapies. Standardization through artificial intelligence.

Safe and professional help

Promoting the talent, vocation and professionalism of our clinical users. Only verified and selected professionals have access to Aimentia Health to maintain high quality standards, helping to fight pseudoscientific intrusion.

Solutions without borders

We build a bridge to break the social stigma in mental health, guiding and accompanying users anonymously so they can get the professional help they need. No distances, no obstacles, approach the solution from the comfort of your home.

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