Aimentia is a product of nonconformism in the face of a poor mental healthcare system. We emerge from the need to confront a deep problem, namely the pains that mental health professionals and patients, including family and friends, face every day. We have a basic premise: empower professionals through science, research and technology.

We reject systematic disinformation, invisibility and discredit in the face of a global crisis. We support every institution, association, individual or collective whose main goal is to help people build a future where mental health is conceived as a fundamental axis in their health.

We aim to strengthen the passion, talent and role of our mental health specialists. We strive to reach out, accompany and break down barriers without prejudices, working towards a solution that emerges from the hope of many.

We are an effort to combat suffering and to democratize treatment and help. No one should be left without the option to receive treatment. We must reeducate our society, let everyone know that they are not alone.

For everyone, for a future where there is always a way,
welcome to the new era of mental health.

Aimentia Founders


people with mental disorders.


victims of suicide every year due to mental disorders.



of economical impact estimated in US$ between 2010 and 2030 wordlwide.

Our challenge

To solve the mental health epidemic
People with a mental disorder not receiving treatment
People with a mental disorder not seeking help
Misdiagnosis rate